All the Love for You!

All of the healing bracelets that are associated with Love are on sale for the entire month of February. Check out the options below or schedule a free chat with me to see what would work best for you.

Wrapped in Love.jpg

Wrapped in Love

This bracelet is filled with love. It helps heal all levels of love; the love between you and your higher power, the love of yourself, and the love you give to others.  It helps soothe your emotional hurts and brings about calm and peace.  Save $20 with the code: Love20

Grounded in Love

You feel nothing but grounded and full of peace as Mother Earth reaches up and wraps you in the most loving hug you’ve ever received! This bracelet offers a sense of peace as it envelops you and grounds you down...filling your entire being with pure love. Save $20 with code: Love20

Grounded in Love.jpg
Peace Love Joy.jpg

Peace, Love & Joy

Who doesn’t need more peace, love and joy in their life?!? This bracelet delivers all three, energetically balanced, working in complete harmony with each other. Save $20 with code: Love20

Would you like a bit of help deciding which bracelet you need?