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Client Satisfaction

My 8-year-old daughter had become phobic about weather after a tornado rolled through our neighborhood. We tried many different things to help her move past her fear. Nothing helped. In fact, after several months, her phobia seemed to be getting worse. She could not let me (her mom) out of her sight other than to go to school. As you can imagine, this created great difficulties within our family and in her life. Then I was told about Julie Highley and the work she does reprogramming brains/thoughts.  My daughter was scheduled to work with Julie for 10 sessions. About half-way through these treatments, she and I noticed changes. She was no longer obsessively checking the weather and was even able to remain calm during a rain storm. She completed her treatments and has never had an issue with this phobia again. My daughter is now 17!


As a Healer, Julie’s unique gifts and abilities continue to amaze me and have had a huge impact on my general well being. When I get up from a session with her, it’s as if my entire system has been re-booted. I always arise refreshed, re-energized, and renewed.


I went to Julie for her energy healing with hopes to clear my path to a new career. I found a cleaner, more focused way of thinking and being. Julie is a master at what she does, a true lightworker, an intuitive coach.

Patt H.

As a musician, performing is both my greatest passion and yet a significant source of worry. “Am I good enough?” and “What will ‘they’ think?” are a couple of the unnecessary negative thoughts that enter my head while practicing and performing. After a particularly poor performance in a exceptionally high-stakes environment, I realized I needed more help than traditional methods. I sought out Julie’s guidance, and after several sessions away from the stage, I was fortunate to have a long-distance session with her by phone in the half hour before a performance. She centered me in a way that allowed me to play to my truest potential in one of my highest profile – and now highly cherished – performances to date. Ever since, the ease with which I play in a performance setting continues to be remarkable. I am ever grateful for Julie and her work. She’s allowed my musical gifts to be seen by the world, unencumbered by my former insecurities.


At age seven, my son was gripped with an irrational fear of dolls and mannequins. No amount of reason or logic or explanation was going to coax him out of this state of mind. It was manageable for a while, as we didn’t have any dolls in the house and limited our trips to the mall where we wouldn’t have to see mannequins. But eventually, the mere images in his mind started to present themselves and the very real fear set in again. It was affecting his sleep, and in turn, his schoolwork. That’s when a girlfriend told me of the success her daughter had experienced after seeing Julie (my friend’s daughter was terrified of storms). After just a few visits I was amazed at the results we saw! My son started to sleep through the night, perform better in school, and most of all, Julie was able to help him break a pattern that was almost debilitating at times. There’s no worse feeling than feeling as if you have no control over your own thoughts — and that’s exactly how my son felt.


I was so impressed with Julie’s method, I ended up taking my older son to see her and later saw her myself to unlock my own creative blockages.

I’m not one who runs from one alternative medicine person to another, always looking for the latest “it” thing.  For me and for my sons Julie’s technique simply worked, and for that reason alone, I would not hesitate one bit to recommend her to others.  I may not understand what she’s doing, but I’ve seen the results, and that speaks volumes to this mother of two.

Leslie G.

Julie emanates a peaceful presence that allows one to have space to feel safe and open fully. In this we allow ourselves to transform in ways we never expected.


Julie, with her passionate and caring energy, supported and guided me through a life-changing journey during her Heal Your Life Workshop. Julie was an amazing teacher showing a professional approach with heart. I highly recommend attending her workshops. She is knowledgeable and approachable.


I recently experienced one of Julie’s workshops. I found her to be very informative yet I felt safe and love from her heart.


Extraordinary facilitator giving us tools to incorporate what we learned easily into our lives making us leap enormously! Thank you, Julie, for a wonderful experience!


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