Honor My Truth

Honor My Truth

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Do you find yourself searching for words to express your thoughts and feelings? This bracelet is here to support you!


The Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra.  It is a stone of enlightenment and protection, bouncing negative energy back to where it belongs. It brings deep peace and tranquility to you. Blue Goldstone transmits healing energy, increases self-acceptance and is soothing.  It is a great stone for empaths.  The Sodalite boosts your immune system and physically treats the throat, vocal cords and larynx.  It instills a drive for inner truth making it possible to be true to yourself and your ideals. The Crackled Quartz acts as an amplifier and drives clarity throughout the bracelet. Once the bracelet is assembled it is blessed and filled with healing energy specifically for you! Although this bracelet mostly supports the throat chakra, it can also aid the third eye and crown chakras as well. 



I honor my truth and speak it lovingly to myself and others. 

I open my heart and speak the joys of love.

I trust my higher self and speak my truth.

I am Divinely protected and filled with peace.


    I have many clients who struggle with knowing and speaking their truth so I knew I needed to develop a bracelet that could support them. This energetic bracelet is handmade when you order it and is comprised of 10mm and 12 mm size round crystal and rock beads on a elastic cord.


    S/M = 5"-6" wrist

    L/XL = up to 7.5" wrist

    2XL = up to 8.5" wrist


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