Wrapped In Love

Wrapped In Love

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This bracelet is filled with love from the rose quartz. It helps heal all levels of love; the love between you and your higher power, the love of yourself, and the love you give to others.  It helps soothe your emotional hurts and brings about calm and peace.  These qualities are amplified by the crackle quartz throughout the bracelet.  The magnetic hematite allows your heart chakra to ground down and as well as offers energetic protection. Once the bracelet is assembled it is blessed and filled with healing energy specifically for you! Your heart chakra will thank you!



I love and approve of every part of myself.

I easily give and receive love throughout the day.


    I developed this bracelet while working with a client who was needing to infuse love into every part of their being. Once the bracelet information was downloaded, and I assembled it, Spirit nudged me to add it to my online store. This energetic bracelet is handmade when you order it and composed of 10mm and one 12mm round crystal and rock beads on elastic cord.   

    Size Info:

    S/M = 5"- 6" wrist

    L/XL = up to 7.5" wrist

    2Xl = up to 8.5" wrist


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