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This bracelet opens up your crown chakra allowing you access to your higher power; God; The Universe. It integrates the spiritual world with the physical world. 


The light and dark Amethyst steals the show in this bracelet. Amethyst is excellent for balancing your body and mind and connecting all of it to the spiritual side of life. It is also great at balancing the mind, calming and stimulating as needed. Amethyst boosts the immune system and can relieve physical, emotional or psychological pain.  The Crackled Quartz acts as an amplifier for the entire bracelet. Once this bracelet is assembled it is blessed and filled with healing energy specifically for you!



I am Divinely guided and protected.

I clearly see and know my path.

I am integrated spiritually and physically.


    I developed this bracelet to assist clients who had difficulty connecting up - either to their higher self or to God. This energetic bracelet is hand made when you order it and is comprisded of 10mm and 12mm authentic round crystal beads on an elastic cord.


    S/M = 5"-6" wrist

    L/XL - up to 7.5" wrist

    2XL - up to 8.5" wrist 


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