Balanced Travel

Balanced Travel

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This bracelet is infused with energy that allows you to tap into your higher self, your deeper wisdom, drawing insight from the world around you; seen and unseen. As you travel these two worlds you are divinely and energetically protected and guided.


The crackled quartz amplifies the properties of each stone on this bracelet as well as enhances connection to creator/God. It also transforms negative energy. Hematite is grounding and protecting on earth and other realms. It boosts self esteem and aids confidence as well as protects and restores peace and harmony in body. It also aids in balancing emotions for body, mind and spirit and protects the heart from unwanted negativity of others. The Blue Tigereye is calming, relieves stress, and is connected to your sacral chakra. The  Moonstone promotes Intuition and allows access to your guides and higher self. It also balances masculine energy. Labradorite is a mystical, protector, and bringer of light. It raises your consciousness levels and forms a barrier to negative energies, creates "right timing". The Durzy Agate is a grounding stone that brings balance to a person's emotions, intellect and physical body as well as acceptance of one's self.  Shungite acts as a protector for electrical energy in the world, particularly from cell phones and computers as well as brings forth positive results and blessings.  Once the bracelet is assembled it is blessed and filled with healing energy specifically for you! 



As I explore the seen and unseen I am Divinely guided and protected.

I trust my inner guidance and my intuition.

I am filled with peace and self acceptance.

I am safe.


    I developed this bracelet to add balance to a person who was travelling, whether that be in the physical world or to the unseen world. This energetic bracelet is handmade when you order it and is comprised of mostly 12mm size authentic round crystal beads and a few 10 mm round crystal beads. The hematite is magnetic. It is assembled on an elastic cord.


    S/M = 5"-6" wrist

    L/XL = up to 7.5" wrist

    2XL = up to 8.5" wrist


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