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Miraculous Healing

Miraculous Healing – is it really possible?

In 2016 I got serious about healing my body, I was overweight, my joints hurt from Hashimotos, my emotions were all over the place because my thyroid numbers weren’t stable, my blood sugar was too high, and I was on insulin.There was something deep inside me that desired health and for the first time in my life I focused on eating for my health, the the weight literally fell off and new lifestyle patterns developed.  The mindshift from choosing health vs. losing weight is subtle, but was life changing for me.

I recently watched the Netflix movie “Heal.” If you have Netflix, I encourage you to set aside a couple of hours and watch it. The premise of the movie is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, which is something I have believed for quite some time. Just think about when you get a cut on your finger, you clean it, put a bandage on it and in a short time, it’s healed. Your body knows how to knit your skin back together.

What caught my attention was the discussion around miraculous medical remissions. Kelly Turner, PhD., has spent ten years researching medical remissions around the world. She has analyzed 1500 cases with 250 in-depth interviews. She spoke to people who represented every kind of cancer that exists and who had experienced medical remission. During her conversations she discovered there were about seventy-five different things people did to bring about the miracle however, not EVERYONE did all seventy-five things.  Looking at all of the data she did see that everyone used nine of the same behaviors. Here is that list:

Radically changed their diet

Took control of their health

Followed their intuition

Used herbs and supplements

Released suppressed emotions

Increased positive emotions

Embraced social support

Deepened spiritual connection

Had a strong reason for living

I wrote about my healing journey and you can read it

here in an earlier blog. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, Hashimotos Thyroiditis back in 2005. I was deep into Western medicine at that time and the solution was to remove the entire thyroid through two surgeries. At no point did any of the doctors explain to me what my life minus a thyroid would be like; they also failed to mention that while they took out the diseased organ, the auto-immune would still be very active in the body. They weren’t healing me by removing the thyroid. This event was the catalyst into natural healing and health. In earnest I pursued healing in 2016 by radically changing my diet.  After seeing the list above, I realize I had already put the other eight practices into place. Once I adjusted my diet, my body was able to move towards health. In 2018, I had labs run and the markers for Hashimotos was zero…in fact my “new” doctor wanted to argue that it couldn’t have ever existed. I’m here to tell you, I had a full diagnosis and a slew of symptoms that went with Hashimotos. With the right tools, the body healed itself from Hashimotos. And what I find encouraging, if my body can do this…so can yours.

I want to take a couple of blog posts to address how to implement these nine different behaviors and changes into your daily life for optimal health and healing. You don’t have to have any sort of dis-ease to benefit from these behaviors…they are good for all of us!

If you want a one-on-one consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach out for an appointment.

Yours in this journey,


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