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I Love You!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Have you ever watched a baby make faces, smile, and laugh at itself in a mirror? They find great joy when they see themselves and all they can do is send out love to the reflected image. I don’t know about you but it’s difficult to always send love to my reflection as an adult. Instead I want to focus on the tired in my eyes, or the frustration, sadness, and complication of life reflected.  

If you’ve followed my blog you know I’ve been on a journey of health and healing for quite some time. Early in my journey of healing I found Louise Hay and her book – You Can Heal Your Life.  I love so much about Louise and her discoveries that I eventually became certified as a You Can Heal Your Life Workshop Leader.  She introduces a practice called Mirror Work and it’s life transformative. The first step is to look at yourself, look into your own eyes in a mirror, and tell yourself “I Love You.” Trust me, there may be great resistance to this, so as Nike says…just do it! It’s some of the most difficult work I’ve done on my journey, but it’s the most rewarding. Through this practice some of my subconscious thoughts began to show up.  I will talk more about this on Facebook, but know that it was challenging. And know that mirror work is something I continue to do – 13 years later.

I want to invite you into the healing process with me.  For the next 30 days let’s do mirror work together daily saying several affirmations including  “I Love You” to your eyes in the mirror. I know…this sounds too easy or hokey…but give it a try anyway! Click here to follow me on Facebook and find me on Instagram (juliedhighley) for daily affirmations, inspiration and encouragement. The thirty day challenge begins Monday, September 14, 2020.  Let me know you are joining and I can’t wait to hear about the  changes and growth you experience.

Sending you Love,

Julie Highley

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