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Finding Hope

The past few months have literally just about done me in and I KNOW I am not alone. We are still dealing with Covid-19, the argument of whether or not to wear a face mask, race tension, riots, and protests. Of course you know all this unless you’ve been living under a rock – which at this point I am tempted!

People are frazzled, angry, frustrated, and confused and I am one of them. 

Friends…this is where the rubber meets the road for me in my Spiritual life. I have a dedicated practice of reading inspirational and self-development books, journaling, meditating, praying, yoga – but today my Soul wouldn’t settle.

In my previous post on Miraculous Healing, I talked about the 9 different behaviors people do to bring about miraculous healing, and to be honest I’m always looking for ways to heal my body, mind, and Soul.  Let’s look at the three that showed up today; Followed Their Intuition, Increased Positive Emotions, and Deepened Spiritual Connection.

Intuition nudged me to do something different – go walk a labyrinth – an ancient spiritual practice. Have you ever done this? Typically as soon as I enter a labyrinth, my insides settle and words like peace, love, and joy are all I feel.

I will be honest…that didn’t happen as I thought it might today, but I stuck with it.

I stayed present. I became mindful of each step, of the gentle breeze, of the sun shining on me, of the birds singing, of the water around me. Finally, my Soul began to settle by just being in the maze.

Standing in the center I asked God to take my hurt, my pain, my frustration, and I stood there until I felt some of it go. I asked God to replace it with unconditional love and peace. My Soul settled a bit more and I was able to mindfully walk the labyrinth out, feeling a bit lighter on the inside.

We are all given signs of encouragement from the Universe and as I was exiting the labyrinth I looked up and saw the word hope.  I think of hope as the fan that blows on the ember of your Soul, that it can be the gateway to happiness.  I know that when I feel hopeless, it’s dark and lonely.  However, with hope, I can begin to see a way forward, feel peace, know love, and experience joy. So, it was no accident that as I was exiting the labyrinth, hope was literally right in front of me, and I felt that gentle flame fan my Soul.

Hope St. Andrew

As we continue to walk in uncertain times, with chaos all around us, I challenge you to listen to your intuition, deepen your spiritual practices, and look for places of hope for yourself. And as always, reach out if I can assist you.

With Love and Appreciation, –Julie

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