Intuitive Healer

A certified Louise Hay Workshop Leader and Coach in Balance Your Life, Julie uses a variety of tools she's learned and developed over the past 13 years, drawing on whatever you need during your healing session. While working directly with Spirit, she utilizes other modalities including Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) and Neural Organization Technique (NOT).

Julie has access to past, present, and future timelines with the Akashic Records, and she can see your chakras and bring them into alignment. Her ability to intuit what you need allows her to help you heal at the deepest parts of your wounds. Whether those wounds are from incidents in this lifetime, or family history (a.k.a. epigenetics), or even past lifetimes. She works with you to bring forward limiting thoughts, behaviors, and patterns to help reframe and reprogram.  

During your healing session, a specific message may come through or Julie may be promped to pull oracle or tarot cards for deeper insight. Julie goes where Spirit leads during a healing session in order to offer you the most beneficial healing in the moment.


Julie's empathy allows her insight into helping you heal, because she's had to heal her own body. Click here to read more about her personal journey of healing in her blog post, Blooming. 

Read about her success stories here, helping heal and motivate her clients for over a decade.

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To benefit from your healng session, please be in a space that is quiet where you are also able to recline and relax.  If you have something specific you want Julie to look at for you, please let her know at the beginning of the session. You will also want to make sure you have pen and paper to record any direction or insight Julie has for you at the end of the session. Be ready to relax and enjoy! This is self-care time for you - body, mind and soul!