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March - The Winds of Change

Change happens in our lives all the time! Sometimes it's big change, like getting married, having a baby, getting divorced, moving, the loss of a loved one. Sometimes change is smaller - changing lunch plans, buying a new appliance, getting a new car. Think back to 2020 and all the change that has happened since Covid-19 appeared in the world. That was BIG change! 

Change happens to us and for us all the time and sometimes we have as much control over change as we do the winds of March! Maybe you want to create change, or maybe you have gotten stuck in change! The offer for March is to work together 1:1 to help you navigate and move through change! I'm offering the 1:1 sessions in several reduced rate packages! 


  • Change is good.

  • Change keeps you flexible.

  • Change helps you move forward in life.

  • Change helps you move beyond your perceived boundaries and edges.

  • Change is the catalyst to create the life you desire.

Head on over to the shop and purchase the package that works best for you! Once you have purchased your package, I will reach out and schedule your first online session!

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