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Have you ever felt your health was out of your control? That no matter what the doctors suggested, nothing improved?


Are you stuck in patterns that keep you from living a life that is balanced, full of energy, and representative of the life you desire?


In 2008 I made a conscious decision to take back my health and my life, I literally stepped out of one way of living and into another. It was a total mindset shift. AND…I wish I knew then what I know now! Isn’t that always the case?!?


Since 2008, I have been able to lose and keep off over 70 pounds, silenced one auto-immune in my body, released stored negative emotions and much more. I also like to really celebrate my gains!


  • Increased physical energy

  • Mental clarity

  • Soul level satisfaction

  • Feeling at home in my own skin

  • Deeper understanding of who I am and what I need


Clients and friends  have been asking me to teach them how to do this for themselves, so, here we are! I’ve developed a 5 week program that will walk you through what I consider to be the top five practices you need to take back your life and health. To step fully into the life you desire.


This Masterclass will drop the week of January 23rd and will include a weekly online video and online worksheets that are available on Mondays, a weekly Zoom meeting on Thursday evenings with the entire group, and a Voxer chat area available 24/7. There will be multiple ways to integrate these practices into your daily life. Plus…there will be a surprise gift along the way.


If any of this interests you, I invite you to go and sign up for my upcoming Masterclass on the Five Foundational Practices I used to create the life I am currently enjoying. When you purchase the masterclass inside my store…you are officially signed up!


I have a full belief system that our bodies are designed to heal themselves, and with the right tools…you can do it! In case I haven’t been clear…THESE ARE THE TOOLS! Okay…they are at least some of the FOUNDATIONAL tools you will need!

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